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1st World Cultures Conference

• Presentation of the 7 disciplines of the United Cultures Governing Body in Geneva.
• Hiring 22.000+ personal staff the next five years to run the organization.
• Presentation of the 7 PILLARS.

1. United Cultures Social Infrastructures (UC-SI)
2. United Cultures International Court of Cultural Justice (UC-ICCJ)
3. United Cultures Security Council (UC-SC)
4. United Cultures International Health Organization (UC-IHO)
5. United Cultures Economic Resources Investments Bank (UC-CRIB)
6. United Cultures Federation Political Parties (UC-FPP)
7. United Cultures International Scientific Platform (UC-ISP)

• Presentation of the group, work companies, investments, productions, media, events, economical projects, and products.
• Presentation of the 269 United Cultures Centers, 1 Global Head Quarter, 8 Head Office Continents and 260 head branches in member states or regions.
• Presentation of the representatives of each culture and member states including their projects.
• Presentation of the construction of new cities every five years.
• Presentation of the first United Cultures Health Resorts Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina).
• Presentation of cultural products.
• Presentation of the Events:
The United Cultures trade show, the United Cultures world economic platform, the United Cultures awards in the cities, the member states and the world events.
• Representing the 92 nations joining in 2021.
• Presentation of the 644 designers for 3 months during United Cultures Trade Show Marrakech.
• Presentation of the products from the designers.
• Presentation of factories developed in different.
•Presentation of artistic installations.

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October | 2020
Paris France


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