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United Cultures City Exhibition Madrid Spain

• Ministry of culture of Spain.
• 17 maires from 17 cities in Spain.
• 12 event organizations of Spain.
• Designers in every field from Spain.
• Madrid (Spain) with at least 269 nations organized by Member states.
• Representing of 92 nations joining in 2021 in Marrakech.
• Presentation of 269 economical projects for the next five years.
• Presenting areas in countries and where where we going to build factories or produce product.
• Presentation of 1288 designers with their products for 3 months during United Cultures Trade Show Marrakech.
• Presentation of the United Cultures construction centers per country, villages per continents and new cities we going to build every five years.
• Presentation of United Cultures Club starting in Milan and end in Ibiza in September 2020. The 12 United Cultures Club events will be organized in Ibiza with 12 countries, radio stations, 12 chef cooks and 12 artistic installation.
• Presentation of artistic installations.

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December 2020
United Cultures City Exhibition Madrid Spain


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